Asian Online Championship to come

During the long lasting Covid pandemic restrictions, Asian Confederation plans to organize Asian Online Championship in coming January of 2021 on the platform “LiDraughts”. The championship will be only for rapid and blitz disciplines. ADC asks the member federations to distribute this news to their players and to ask to play more games in “LiDraughts” for the training purpose!

More news and the regulation documents will come in soon.

Asian players won 8 medals at the World Youth Championship 2019 in Izmir, Turkey

Mongolia won 3 medals in the classic program while China won one each of silver and bronze. Enkhbold Khuslen (Mongolia) became the world champion in her category G14.

In Blitz program, Mongolian players got silver and bronze and China is with one bronze in G14 by Wu Hailan.

All details results are on the website of the championship

First Asian player is at the world’s top

After a long “marathon” at the 60th World Championship in Ivory Coast, 15-year old GMI Pan Yiming (China) finished his competition with the silver medal of the world’s highest contest with 20 best players from all continents.

GMI Alexander Georgiev (Russia) once approved he is the leader of world draughts sports. He won the Championship title with 28 points of 40 possible with enough high percentage of winning. GMI Guntis Valneris (Latvia) had collected 27 points the same as with Pan Yiming, but he is behind by the additional criteria.

Pan Yiming became the first player from Asia who could be at the medal pedestal of the world championships in the history. Another Asian player, MI Otgonbileg Tserenbyamba (Mongolia), finished his tournament at the 17th place. The two players got the right to play in Africa by the result of the Asian Championship 2018 in Xintai, China.

World Championship 2019 started

2019 World championship started in Ivory Coast. 2 players from China and Mongolia are representing Asia there.
In 1st round of the 20 players round robin tournament GMI Pan Yiming (China) could win Pan-American grandmaster Guno Burleson while Mongolian MI Tserenbyamba Otgonbileg was unlucky against GMI Ivan Trofimov (Russia).
It is just a start as 18 more rounds to go.

Tournament website:
Results & Games:

Photos by Xie Fang (China)

Asian Confederation has new Promotion Commission

By the last decision of the Executive Committee, the Confederation set up a new commission for the promotion of draughts sports in Asia. The new Promotion Commission will work under the management of Mr. Zheng Xiugui (China). Mr. Zheng is an experienced organizer of world level tournaments for the last 10 years as well as a successful businessman.

Mr. Zheng Xiugui (China), Chairman of the ADC Promotion Committee

At the closing ceremony of World Cup tournament (Lishui Open 2019) in Yunhe city, China, the President of Asian Confederation congratulated Mr. Zheng for his past contribution to the development of draughts sports in Asia by awarding “Certificate of Appreciation” and handed over the Certificate of Appointment as the chairman of Promotion Committee.