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Asian Championship 2019


ADC announces its Asian Championship 2019. The championship will be held between 15 and 28 of June, 2019 in Tashkent, Uzbekistan.



Team Championship 2018, Kazakhstan

Events: International 100 & 64
City: Uralsk
Date: 2-10 July, 2018


Erdenebileg Dul and Munkhjin Baatarkhuu are winners in Mongolia

GMI Erdenebileg Dul and Munkhjin Baatarkhuu have won the Championship of Mongolia today.

Dul managed to keep his lead of two points with the men and gained a fine score of 18 out of 11. GMI Manlai Ravjir captured the silver and MF Sukhbat Tsogtbaatar was 15 out of 11 winner of the bronze.


For the women it was more exciting at the top. Munkhjin Baatarkhuu won in the last round of the championship with 13 out of 10 as the only one to win and thus took the title with 15 out of 11. Behind that, MFF Kherlenmurun Ganbaa, MFF Nandintesetseg Bagdelger and GMIF Nyamjargal Munkhbaatar finished all same with 14 points but after tiebreak in the above mentioned order in places 2 to 4. Defending champion Ariunzaya Yeruuljav ended with 9 out of 11 in the rear.

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Winners of Blitz

In Blitz championship China has won 9 gold while Mongolia won 3 gold medals. New medal country is Uzbekistan with 2 bronze medals. Congratulations!

The fastest games champions are 2018 ASIAN CHAMPIONS in BLITZ

Blitz championship

The last event of Asian Championship 2018, the Blitz games, started at 5pm. Very soon we will have Asian champions of 2018 in blitz events.

Please see PHOTOS and RESULTS



Last day of the Championship

Today's program consists many events as Rapid & Blitz championship, Medal and Closing ceremony of Asian Championship 2018.

Till afternoon already two categories as U8 boys & girls have champions in rapid games. For other categories only 2 rounds are remained. At 5pm, Blitz games will start.

Please check
Rapid-Medal-Winners, ALL RESULTS and PHOTOS.



All medal winners of Asian championship 2018

China won 8 gold medals while Mongolia has 4 of total 12 champions titles in Classic games. Rapid and Blitz follow tomorrow.

Following players just qualified for World Championship 2019 in Open categories:

Men - Pan Yiming (China), Tserenbyamba Otgonbileg (Mongolia)

Women - Zhang You (China), Zhao Hanqing (China), Enkhbold Khuslen (Mongolia)

The medal ceremony scheduled at 9pm, 25 April.






We have first winners


Today, 25th April, is the last and decisive day for the main tournaments of the championship. The qualifiers to the world championships and the new title holders will be known today. In the morning session the groups U8-Girls, U11-Girs, U14-Girls, U14-Boys, U17-Boys and U20-Boys and already had the winners of the championship.

For U11-Girls Bronze medal, Zheng Zichen (China) and Gansukh Maral (Mongolia) played Barrage game because all their criteria are same at the end of tournament. Finally, Mongolian girl won the game as well as the medal.

The first medals winners are:


For full results and photos: RESULTS, PHOTOS

Start of Third round

In the third round you will see the interesting challenges between Hiroshi Kawaguchi (Japan) vs Iqbal Ahmed (Pakistan) and Panithi Seksonwiriya (Thailand) and GMI Manlai Ravjir (Mongolia). The Thai player played two draws against quite strong players in the first 2 rounds.

Among young groups the competition between mainly China and Mongolia is going…

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Second day & Second round

Today is the second day of the championship. The championship started with birthday congratulations to players who were born today. They are Duurenbileg Ganbat - U17, Mongolia and Zheng Zixuan - U11, China.

Photos - Results - Games